September Weekend Reading

Do you want to sit and have coffee with me this fine Saturday morning?  I’m just flipping through the paper and browsing the internets.  Here’s what I’m looking at today:

Shamless Plug!  I’m featured on the DailyBuzz Food Top 9 today

Stunning Coconut Black Rice Pudding

For travel junkies & wine enthusiasts alike

Animal agriculture contributing to global warming

Refrigerator Jam

Attention, New Yorkers:  What to Eat at the 2012 Feast of San Gennaro

Lemon Olive Oil Cake from one of my favorite blogs

Crazy good advice for starting a food blog from David Lebovitz

Blackberry Coffee Cake with Pecan Streusel – I die.

A website devoted to the hatred of cilantro (I happen to love it, but amusing nonetheless)

Preserving your herbs all winter long…

Have a beautifully unproductive, lazy Saturday – I certainly plan to.

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